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29 years old…The New ME

28 Sep 1987 is my birthday.. yes.. TODAY is my BIRTHDAY.. Few things happened to me this year.. I LOST my job.. I need to RELOCATE to different area.. and I basically the same me when I start working, BROKE... Continue Reading →

Is it too soon to leave? Part II

It's been 3 months after retrenchment news announced. Another 2.5 months till The Day. I'm still looking for a new job, but last few months, I took my sweet time, scan through all job ads and only applied if I'm... Continue Reading →

Is it too soon to leave? Part I

The story of the moment I get retrenched. It's only been 11 month since I'm start working with my current company when I get knock with an abrupt news by UK management, Job Redundancy. The director flew in from UK... Continue Reading →

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