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I'm a woman who needs space to pour my thought, dream, imagination and simply just ranting. Sometimes, talking is not enough to convey what I really think. So, maybe I'll write whatever nonsense that I can think of. There are so many things on my mind and sometimes it gets tough when I keep it to myself. Hopefully, this is the channel for me let it out and keep dream, imagine new things. As we keep on living, there will always messy bit. Messy bit is living.

New Beginning… Part 1

This will be lengthy post.. You are warned! New Job.. It's been 7 month since I started a new job after been retrenched last October. It's a new post with different industry and basically I have zero experience related to... Continue Reading →


29 years old…The New ME

28 Sep 1987 is my birthday.. yes.. TODAY is my BIRTHDAY.. Few things happened to me this year.. I LOST my job.. I need to RELOCATE to different area.. and I basically the same me when I start working, BROKE... Continue Reading →

Sichuan Trip – Day 1

First Day (1st September 2016) KLIA2 @ LCCT -Chengdu Shuangliu Int'l Airport - Flipflop Lounge Hostel It's a day after National Day, Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysian. I still went for work and take half day off since my... Continue Reading →

Mistakes I made in traveling part II

From previous post 4. Traveling partner This is a very sensitive and subjective factor. I used to think, let's invite anyone and we can travel together. Share the experience and happiness. Wow, I really used to be naive or ignorant.... Continue Reading →

Sichuan Trip Budget

Before the trip write on 23Aug2016 Budget for this trip is RM2500 per person. We already blow almost 40% of the budget for flight ticket. As usual, we fly with AirAsia and since we don't purchase it during sales and... Continue Reading →

Preparation – Sichuan Province

I'm officially starting my travel with this trip. This trip I will go to Southwest China Province, Sichuan. I will fly into the the capital city of Sichuan, Chengdu. Other than Chengdu, I also will go to Aba Tibetan &... Continue Reading →

My stories – The Past

Few days ago I found my old email address and lucky me, I still remember its password after few tries. In one of the draft, I saw subject " My stash", when I click, I saw blog address with email... Continue Reading →

Mistakes I made in traveling part I

As a novice traveler, I make a lot of mistakes during planning and executing the itinerary. I learn my lesson in my trip to South Korea. In Ho Chi Minh trip, I don't spend a lot of time on research... Continue Reading →

Never Ending Wishlist

1. Playing in snow 2. Ride bullet train 3. Go to National Park 4. Travel solo 5. Travel in duo 6. Write a blog [updated - I started a blog & I intend to keep on writing] 7. Join Fabulous... Continue Reading →

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