This will be lengthy post.. You are warned!

New Job..

It’s been 7 month since I started a new job after been retrenched last October. It’s a new post with different industry and basically I have zero experience related to my new job. I feel very overwhelmed at first, because:

  1. I totally in a position contradicted my previous position. I used to be someone who does things, now I am checking whether it is done. I used to question why do we keep on re-inspect our products, now I am convinced people, why we need to re-inspect. I used to escape if my documents  not updated, now I became the people who chase those escapees. These are tough, but on good notes, I’ve been in both worlds.
  2. I used to be very outspoken, decisive and kinda know-what-to-do without relying on my superior. Now every single thing I do, I must discuss first with my superior. No longer work on my own. I feel intimidated with my superior to the point I never contradict or share my point of view with him. I believe my work attitude is changing, as of now, I’m still not sure it is a good things or not. But I’m working hard to be good at my job.
  3. Since I started working, I’m always in a position that requires me to be very independent, and working under very minimal to none supervision. Now, my superior have established my work path and goals, which I am not good at following it, yet I’m still getting used to it. He keeps reminding me to improve my reporting, seriously, I am really bad at this. In my first 5 months, I’m really struggling with this. Now, I’m getting better at this.
  4. Usually I get very bored after a year working since I’m already good at what I do (not conceited~~) and my works become routine. Now, every single my work, my superior will check and I keep on doing adjustment (until it makes me self doubt my capabilities). Till today, I’m still learning how to do my job. This time, it seems I might take longer time to master my job.

To reach my dreams, I must endure working in this position and company. Whatever frustration, obstacle and etc, I must muster the courage and keep moving forward.. The desperation to find a job, have landed me this opportunity, this might not only be my means to keep food on the tablethe roof on my head but might shape me as professionally.


Till then~~