28 Sep 1987 is my birthday.. yes.. TODAY is my BIRTHDAY..

Few things happened to me this year..

I LOST my job..

I need to RELOCATE to different area..

and I basically the same me when I start working, BROKE and NO SAVING..


I still have my family

surrounded by good friends


This time I’ll make a different

NO MORE waiting for tomorrow


Get a new JOB and be damn GOOD at it.. WORK the HARDEST and be SMARTEST I can be..

IMPROVE my skills, go for training, LEARN from others..

CHANGE the way I spend my money, think of FUTURE..

24 hour a day is long, wasting 3 hour watching a movie everyday is WASTEFUL.. No MORE movie night, at least not everyday.. SPEND MORE TIME with my FAMILY..

If other people can do 3,4 works, then I CAN.. That’s how they have EXTRA MONEY to spend..

I will forget about him.. It’s time to move on.. NO MORE LOOKING BACK..

Work HARD to accomplish my wishlist..

Instead of jealous with other people’s accomplishment, I MAKE my own accomplishment.. Comparing to others can sometimes MOTIVATE you but too much, destroy your confidence and you become NEGATIVE… I want to be POSITIVE and MOTIVATE others…

Give back to community… I don’t have MONEY but I can contribute other things.. it is NOT NECESSARILY ONLY MONEY…

Exercise at least once a week.. I really need to cut my weight.. I WANT TO BE HEALTHY.. Let’s eat healthy too..


when I’m 30 years old, and writing about my next things I want to accomplish, I no longer repeat the same thing or at least I’m already half way doing it..


Till Then…


Goodbye my old self, welcome the new me…