First Day (1st September 2016)

KLIA2 @ LCCT -Chengdu Shuangliu Int’l Airport – Flipflop Lounge Hostel

It’s a day after National Day, Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysian. I still went for work and take half day off since my flight is in evening.  My sister drove me to KLIA2@LCCT and on the way, we picked up L.

We arrived in airport by 3:30pm and went for late lunch at Marrybrown. At that time, I’m still so sure that our flight is at 6:55pm and we take our sweet time and stroll inside the airport. Then, we decided to check our flight’s boarding gate at the LCD Monitor, when I realized the flight time is 5:55pm and it’s already 4:30pm and we not yet verified our document at the counter. Feeling a bit rushed, the staff told us to go straight away inside departure hall since boarding time is 5:15pm. Argh, how come I can mistakenly look at the time, how clumsy am I. After immigration and security check, we go straight to the boarding gate lounge.

How come I though my flight is at 18:55? Well, lucky I realized it soon enough..

By 10:30pm, we landed in Chengdu Shuangliu Int’l Airport. It’s a quite small airport and after immigration, L and I detained by the immigration. Since we don’t speak the language, we also don’t understand the reason they holding us. They keep checking our passport, look at the visa which I doubt they even understand. Then they asked the hotel’s booking and called the  hotel in Jiuzhaigou to verify the booking. After they satisfied, they asked for our phone. This one guy keep scrolling my photos and asked this is your family, friends? By 11 pm, they let us go by thanking our cooperation. After I went back to M’sia, I told my sister this story and she told me that is religion profiling. We have Islam stated in our passport and we also wear hijab. What an experience! Whatever happened be confident, since you don’t do anything wrong.

After security check, we quickly look for a taxi. By this time, both of us already tired and we want to quickly arrive to the hostel. One lady approach us and told us to take her taxi. Since we don’t want to waste time talking to another taxi driver, we just go with her. It is more expensive than taxi but the vehicle condition is much better. If I can do differently, I will be taking taxi in the airport. There are plenty of taxi, which you should not be worried, but after going through the ordeal with immigration, my mind cannot think straight. Moreover it’s a lady approach you, so as a fellow ladies you feel a bit secure, maybe, I think so.

By 12am, we are inside our room, it is small yet cosy. Our first and second night, we stayed in Flipflop Lounge Hostel Chengdu.

All in all, it is new experience, we only arrived in Chengdu for less than two hour, but I already have good story to tell.

End of Day 1…