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4. Traveling partner

This is a very sensitive and subjective factor. I used to think, let’s invite anyone and we can travel together. Share the experience and happiness. Wow, I really used to be naive or ignorant. In my first trip, I feel really uncomfortable and yield a lot to others, that I wish I can repeat back the trip but this time, I will do it differently.

I’m kinda like to be a leader, since it is feel natural to me, I’m first born, and my jobs, usually I lead. Well, let’s just say it is in a blood. For my next trip, I always included my traveling partner in decision making and make her feel like she apart of the team. Previous trip, most of decisions I do it on my own since they said they do whatever I decided to do. Maybe, this is where the mistakes lies. They started to act like I am tourist guide and very dependent on me, which makes me feel pressure to ensure they enjoyed the trip.

When I read a travel blog, there are few of them traveling with people they don’t really know about and they enjoyed the trip (maybe it’s not true but from the way they wrote, it seems that way). Different things for me, I definitely cannot travel with people I don’t feel comfortable with, it doesn’t necessarily we need to know each other for years or see each other all the time, but the chemistry must be there or at least we share the same passions. I prefer when we in a foreign land, we can depend on each other and feel safe.

Lesson Learn: Make more friend and understand the interest of your travel partner. Different people like different things.

5. Prepare for emergency

In Jeju, it is raining on the day we arrive and sunny on the day we left. We went to Cheonjiyeon Falls around 8pm, feeling excited since the first place we visited in Jeju after the whole day raining. Then, suddenly my friend fall from the boulder stairs and keep twirling down for 3 steps. Luckily we are nearby and she don’t fall inside the water. She have few bruises in the shoulder, scratches in her face and badly injured left ankle. What happened, her feet got caught in gaps between the boulders and the rest is history. We don’t bring along any first aid kit, and luckily the nearby convenience store sold an ice. We wrap an ice using towel to reduce the swelling. Then we have to drive to few stores to search for bandage, hot pack, plasters etc. It’s fortunate we able to secure those items and the next day, she able to walk but very minimal and I feel sorry for her that she cannot really enjoyed the trip.

We also bought painkiller from pharmacy in airport and it is really effective. But back in Malaysia, doctor told her to stop taking that medicine since it is too strong. From the x-ray, there is no broken bones and it took her almost 3 weeks to completely heals.

For the next trip, I seriously pay more attentions on the necessary medication especially we are going to higher altitude area.

Lesson Learn: Prepare for the worst. Accident can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. 

As of now, these are few thing that I learns a lot during my first trip. I believe the more I travel the world, the more regret I will have but I prefer the regret of doing instead of not doing.