It’s always my dream to travel the world, but before this, it’s just a dream. Came from middle class family with 4 children with stay-at-home mother, we never have extra budget for traveling overseas. After I started working, the idea to have different saving for traveling never cross my mind. It is until after I changed my job and met this one friend. She is older than me, almost 12 years different but we click, became good friend fast.  One day, she told me let’s go overseas. I’m intrigued, we never set where we want to go, she left for me to decide where to go. In 2014, we decide to go to South Korea.

She left everything for me to plan. As novice traveler, google have became my best friend. Lucky for me, South Korea is famous destination for Malaysian. Since then, I became addicted to few Malaysian travel blogger and keep following their update. These bloggers became my inspiration to share my story and experience. As I keep researching for South Korea, I’m exposed to a lot of magnificent places around the world. It never cross my mind, we can travel to another country with minimal expenses and still can carry out our normal life together. It such revelation to me. Thus I change.

Back to my first trip, I done thorough study on South Korea, since it’s my first time going overseas. Due to our work, leaves and other occasion, we decided to go in September 2015. it took me more than a year to plan this trip. I thought I done thorough study, but not everything you planned will work accordingly. More on it at mistakes I make during traveling.

At that time, I thought South Korea will be the first country I set my foot in, but then, my mother suggest my sisters and I to go to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. My sister will get married in May 2015, so she thought we can do some shopping – for bride and family’s clothes. Then, within the same week, AirAsia is having promotion, so I purchase the tickets without planning and it kinda a moment thing. It feel quite fun and adventurous, lol. So, in January 2015, we went to HCMC for 3D2N. It’s my first lesson in traveling, and I learn a lot.

In September, I went to South Korea with another 4 friends and spent 7D6N in Seoul and Jeju Island. I’m not gonna share about this trip since it’s been almost a year and even it’s good trip but it’s not great trip to share with others in details. I’ll write a bit of it in mistakes I make during traveling but this trip is one of my most memorable trip in my life.

I’m not an avid traveler, at least not yet, maybe, but I wish I could travel outside of Malaysia at least once a year. I also hopes by exploring outside world, I become independent, optimistic, confident and smart in living my life.