It’s been 3 months after retrenchment news announced. Another 2.5 months till The Day.

I’m still looking for a new job, but last few months, I took my sweet time, scan through all job ads and only applied if I’m really interested. So far, I’ve been to 2 interviews, but still no good news. But it does not discourage me. It makes me keep searching better resume and prepare for interview. Now I keep updating my resume and job application, to stay update.

I’ve done something unexpected! I bought a flight ticket and preparing for travel in September. I will be traveling with my friend, only both of us. My mother initially against it because supposedly I should be working hard to find another job but to her, I seems too relax and calm. After I convince my mother that I will be fine, that she should trust my decision, she finally gives her permission. One less thing to worry!

Now after Ramadhan and Raya, I should start seriously looking for a job. It’s a promise to myself. But I still have another exciting thing to do, plan my travel. I’ll be gone for a week. I will share the travelog later. Now, I’ve already purchase flight ticket, booked hostel/hotel (3 different accommodation), itinerary and budget is ready, and few things left to do is buy travel insurance and apply a visa. I research a lot for travel insurance and google is your best friend. Found the most relevant and will purchase it at the end of July. Same thing with Visa, already done online application and at the end of July, we will submit it. Hopefully by August, everything is ready. Still I need to research more on transport before we went there. This give me some idea to write on the travelog, PREPARATION.

Regarding works, I still have few SOP to do as the other site requesting our assistant. Sure, it’s salty, but at least I have something to do. As usual, keep stretching the time until due date, which I don’t know when. Even if I ask my boss, he also will give ambiguous answer. So let be it. It’s done when it’s done. I’ve become procrastinate kind of person lately.

So what I do at work? From 8am to 5:30pm? Basically web surfing, reading Quora  Q&A, improving my excel skills, etc. I really do think I’m wasting my time but there is nothing I can do, since the company is okay with us behaving that way. Most of us, no longer have things to do. Nowadays clerk is more busy than I am. At least I’m still keeping my professionalism, I don’t watch movie, play games on pc. I do it on smartphone, lol.

Till Oct, 13 weeks to go…